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The GPT 130 Temperature Controller is ideal for use in any electric heat application requiring a control system to maintain a steady temperature. With 2% accuracy span, built in 30 amp relay with a 30mA GFEP your application will be safely and reliably controlled.

  • Adjustable Temperature Setpoint and Alarms Sensor Inputs
  • Precision Monitoring and Control
  • Ground–Fault Equipment Protection
  • Automatic GFEP Circuit Self–Test

PVI Industries LLC


  • AquaPLEX® is a revolutionary material used in the fabrication of potable hot water storage vessels and water heaters. A vessel fabricated from AquaPLEX provides the longest possible service life            in a potable hot water application available at a reasonable cost.
  • Standard Warranties up to 25 years.

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Cobrex Water Heater



PVI CONQUEST Condensing Water Heaters

  • CONQUEST is a small footprint, fire tube, condensing storage water heater featuring a submerged combustion chamber and spiraled array of fire tubes fabricated entirely from AquaPLEX Stainless Steel
  • Inputs 200 - 1000 MBH - Storage 100 - 130 Gallons
  • Standard Vessel and Heat Exchanger Warranty 15 years. (8 & 7)

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COBREX Storage







Prime Condensing Gas Water Heaters


Hubbell Prime provides a durable alternative for light commercial applications requiring storage capacities ranging from 40 - 119 gallons - 55,000 Btu/h Input

- Replaceable Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

- Hydrastone Cement Vessel Lining

- Vessel Warranty - 7 Years Full

- Heat Exchanger Warranty - 5 Years Full

- Made in the USA